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Reviewers Love WayFare’s Dairy Free Butter Substitute: Here’s Why!

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We don’t want to brag (ok, maybe a little), but reviewers are in awe of our dairy free butter substitute! Our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter has not only received consistently high reviews from customers but has been noticed by foodie sites from around the country. From Eat This, Not That! to VegOut Magazine, food connoisseurs continually shout out WayFare’s dairy free butter as one of the best. But what makes it so applaudable? Why would you want to choose our dairy free butter spread over another? Fear not and lean in a little closer. We’re going to spill the details on the top reasons why we’re proud to show off our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter!

6 Reasons To Try Our Dairy Free Butter Substitute

`1. It’s Made with Superior, Plant-Based Ingredients

Turns out, you don’t need dairy to make butter. You just need a garden and ingenuity that would make Einstein sit up in his grave and give you a thumbs up! Our dairy free butter substitute is completely plant-based and made of non-GMO ingredients. It’s as creamy as dairy butter and includes our special ingredient: butter beans. Butter beans, or lima beans, have a smooth, rich texture, and, true to their name, they have a mild, buttery flavor. They’re not only the perfect addition to our butter, but they’re a great source of potassium, iron, and zinc.

2. It’s Vegan

That’s right: our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter is perfect for vegan diets. It contains no animal products, and, bonus, is Kosher Pareve Certified, as well. If you’re vegan, you can easily use our butter for all your cooking needs, from vegan party food prep to brownies to delicious appetizers (like our Vegan Loaded Baked Potatoes!)

3. It’s Lower in Fat than Competitors

When it comes to a battle of the butters, our dairy free butter substitute wins hands-down for its lower fat content. While both dairy and non-dairy butter competitors have between 8-11g of fat per serving, ours has 6g per serving—wow!

4. It’s Free from the Top 8 Allergens

“Do you have dairy and soy free butter? What about gluten and dairy free butter?” When we get these questions, our reply is “Our butter is free of soy, gluten, and the other big 8 allergens!” At WayFare Health Foods, we believe good food and good health go hand-in-hand, so we want everyone to have access to nutritious, delicious food options. All of our products, not just our butter, are free from the top 8 allergens, so pick up some of our butter and our other allergen-friendly food products—we’ll wait!

5. It Doesn’t Use Palm Oil

We love our Earth and the wonderful ingredients it gives us. So we strive not to use products that bring more harm than good to the environment, like palm oil. Our dairy free butter substitute is 100% palm oil-free, so you can “add to cart” with zero guilt.

6. It’s Perfect for Cooking & Baking

Versatility is key to life and butter, so we made sure our dairy free butter can be easily used for both cooking and baking. We’ve meticulously tested our butter in different kitchen scenarios to see how it compared to recipes that called for butter. Generally, you can replace regular butter with WayFare’s butter in a 1:1 substitution whether you’re cooking or baking. For recipes, like gravy or sauces, that need to be “cooked down”, we suggest upping the amount of dairy free butter used to 2:1. Why’s that? Our butter has lower fat content than dairy butter, so you need to add a little more to the recipe to get the same results.

Convinced? Give Our Dairy Free Butter a Try!

Join the other reviewers who said “WOW!” after tasting our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter and buy a package online. Can’t wait and want some creamy goodness today? Check out our Store Locator to find our dairy free butter substitute and our other dairy free products in a store near you.