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WayFare Sour Cream Dish Certified Free From Top 8 Allergens

Updates for WayFare Health Foods

Start blowing up the balloons and whipping up your favorite plant-based treats, because we have some news that’s worth celebrating! WayFare is pleased to announce that every one of its range of simple, delicious, and amazing plant-based foods has, following extensive testing, secured “Certified Free From“(CFF) status. What does this mean, you ask? It means…

WayFare recipe vegan 7 Layer Dip

Vegan 7 Layer Bean Dip: Yummy Hot or Cold

The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means: family visits, company potlucks, and seasonal events that have you breaking out your favorite shareable recipes. To lend a hand, we’ve got a dish that’s absolutely perfect to share and will get you more compliments than your singing snowman sweater. Better yet,…

Young child enjoying yogurt

Butter Beans: Your Belly's Bite-Sized Buddies

Butter beans—these delicious, bite-sized goodies go by many names because they are beloved by many! Whether you call them lima beans, sieva beans, wax beans, double beans, or Madagascar beans, they’re the same legumes. If you want to get technical, their binomial name is Phaseolus lunatus, but that’s hard to say five times fast. At…

Child and mother enjoying plant-based diet foods

4 Plant-Based Diet Myths Debunked

Step aside, Sherlock Holmes. WayFare Health Foods is on the case and ready to bust some myths about our good friend: the plant-based diet. We know how simple and healthy eating a plant-based diet can be. But here’s the thing—many people don’t! Some individuals haven’t heard of a plant-based diet or have been misinformed about…

pasta and WayFare Health Foods non dairy cheese

How 1 Non Dairy Cheese Does the Job of 3

The Incredible WayFare Cheddar: Non Dairy Cheese Cheese isn’t a choice—it’s a way of life! From steaming pasta dishes to cold-cut sandwiches to your mother’s famous casseroles, cheese is a delicious staple in many of our favorite foods. However, many of our dairy free, vegan friends often have a hard time finding a non dairy…

A father and daughter smiling and cooking in their kitchen together while following summer recipes.

3 Dairy Free Dessert Recipes to Make Summer Sweeter

The sound of an ice cream truck jingling down the street is one of the best sounds of the summer. It means it’s time for the beach, no school, and icy cold desserts that make you forget the sweltering heat. But if you’re dairy free, it can be tricky to find summer goodies that satisfy…

A little kid in a tall, grassy field eating a piece of toast with WayFare's Butter.

Reviewers Love WayFare’s Dairy Free Butter Substitute: Here’s Why!

We don’t want to brag (ok, maybe a little), but reviewers are in awe of our dairy free butter substitute! Our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter has not only received consistently high reviews from customers but has been noticed by foodie sites from around the country. From Eat This, Not That! to VegOut Magazine,…

A group of people enjoying a vegan picnic.

6 Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Party Food Recipes

From 4th of July picnics to family reunions, summer is full of special events that deserve equally special food to match. But have you ever walked into a potluck and you’re the only one toting a platter of vegan-friendly food? You know your dish tastes fabulous, and you’re fully prepared to run to the nearest…

Dining bowls on a table filled with the big 8 food allergens.

An Intro Guide to the Big 8 Food Allergens & Food Allergies

If you recently developed a food allergy or you’re a new food allergy parent, it can feel overwhelming navigating this unfamiliar landscape. We know—we’ve been there! You may wonder what the big 8 food allergens are, what foods your child can and cannot eat, or how you can make sure your meal prep process is…

From left to right, a full coconut, a split open coconut, coconut paste, and coconut oil.

Highly Refined Coconut Oil: the Amazing & Allergen-Friendly Scoop

Coconut oil has become a delicious “foodie” staple in recent years. From being ideal for sauteing veggies to adding a tasty, nutty flavor to baked goods, coconut oil brings so much to the table, literally! Here at WayFare, we love coconut oil and use a form of this incredibly versatile food in many of our…