We are seeking a motivated, self-driven, detail-oriented individual with a great attitude to clean and sanitize our food production facility. This is a full-time, permanent, hourly position with competitive wages. Experience in sanitation is preferred but not required.

Shifts vary but are generally Sunday – Thursday, 4 pm – 12 pm. Wage is $14+/hr DOE.

We are looking for a team member who is comfortable working alone while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. The position requires:

  • Lifting up to 50 lbs on a regular basis
  • Performing physical activity for 8 or more hours a day
  • Enjoying working hard with a constant sense of urgency
  • Bringing a can-do approach; being flexible, optimistic, and enthusiastic

General Job Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the production area
  • Cleaning and sanitizing machines (cooking kettles, hoses, tables, floors, buckets, tools, and utensils) each evening post production
  • Completing all relevant food safety and quality documents
  • Follow QA/QC procedures and system
  • Assist with equipment maintenance
  • Monitor equipment
  • Conduct food safety verification procedures
  • Perform other duties as required


Send us your work history and tell us why you’re a good fit for WayFare.




  • Creating all marketing materials (sell sheets, shelf talkers, recipe cards, trade show booths, pitch decks, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
  • Handling all social media (daily posts, campaigns, announcements, contests, recipes, product photography, food photography)
  • Updating the website (all copy, creating new images and banners – including design and photography)
  • Digital marketing (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Customer Newsletters
  • WayFare Blog
  • Video Creation (recipes, marketing)
  • Communicating with influencers
  • Arranging demos for retail stores
  • All marketing related correspondence
  • Designing/Updating all label designs
  • Any changes to the brand, rebranding
  • Helping to develop marketing strategic plan and budget
  • Any other marketing needs that arise
  • Other business projects, potentially unrelated to marketing



  • Adobe Suite
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • SEO
  • Product and Food Photography
  • Video Creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Algorithms; Targeting, Effective Posting and Tweeting (to grow a following and promote sharing)
  • Digital marketing
  • Exceptional Verbal and Written Communication

Preferred (but not required):

  • Enough technical skill to handle maintaining the website (software core upgrades for WordPress, Software Plugin Upgrades for WordPress, website backups, enterprise grade network security, database cleaning and optimization, uptime monitoring & performance scans)



  • Talent (with respect to design/marketing)
  • Competence (you do your work and you do it well)
  • Reliability (you do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it; you do not need to be micromanaged)
  • Initiative (you come up with ideas, make suggestions, and take responsibility for getting things done)
  • Self-driven (you take feedback and direction, and are also able to work well independently)
  • Indomitable Optimism (you are cheerful and fun and rarely complain or display a negative attitude)



To apply, submit the following:

  • Cover letter addressing your qualifications
  • Resume
  • Up to 3 mock social media posts you would create for WayFare
  • A sample blog you would write for WayFare

Extra points:

  • Produce the recipe below, take pictures of the outcome, create a social media post incorporating the recipe and the pictures


WayFare’s Vanilla Pudding Cheesecake

6 oz. – Graham Cracker Pie Crust

8 oz. – WayFare Dairy Free Original Cream Cheese

16 oz. – WayFare Dairy Free Sour Cream

1/2 cup – Cane Sugar

2 Teaspoons – Vanilla

8 oz. – WayFare Dairy Free Vanilla Pudding

3 Tablespoons – WayFare Dairy Free Salted Whipped Butter


Whip cream cheese and sugar together until smooth. Mix in Sour Cream, Pudding and Vanilla. Whip until smooth. In a separate bowl, heat butter until melted and brush into Graham Cracker crust. Set oven to 350 F and bake crust for 5-7 minutes. Let crust cool in a freezer until cold (5-7 minutes). Spoon mixture into pie crust. Cover and chill for at least 4 hours.