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Burrito made with WayFare's delicious vegan Cheddar and Sour Cream.


Straight from Our Dairy-free Creamery

Today we’ve created dozens of dairy free products. The first ones you’ll find come straight from our dairy-free creamery. Keep watch down the road for those we’ve made to replace meat and eggs. You have our promise that we’ll continue to share our creations, and we’re committed to you through every product we make.


We can’t count all the trials, fears, joys, failures, successes, and frustrations we’ve experienced through the years, but it’s all resulted in a truly unique, innovative platform that’s all our own. From the machines, to the process, all the sleepless nights - blood, sweat, and tears - have given us a great appreciation for the way our foods are made. We really love what we do and relentlessly pursue perfection in our process, as well as our products.

We’re really proud of our manufacturing process. It’s truly unique, incredibly efficient and produces nearly zero waste. When we use our base ingredients to make our food foundations (even butter) we never refine and remove parts of the food – we include it, or we don’t use it at all. No textured proteins or isolates here!

We also strive to build our equipment and processes to simply use less - WAY LESS!!!!. We get really excited about creating machines that use things like gravity and latent heat for their power source. It’s fun, and above all, it’s a truly novel, sustainable model, that’s designed to be duplicated in local and regional environments. No massive, consumptive systems for us!

Machines aside, the most important parts of our process are the folks that make it work every day. We love people, and we consider the people that work with us to be our expanded family. We believe to our core that for food to be good (and good for you) it has to be created with love. Machines alone just can’t do this, only people can. To this end we deliberately design our systems to also be people dependent. Our manufacturing platform is created to be small, efficient, and is easily duplicable. This creates jobs and brings health to our communities.

Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Simply put, we take the finest whole, plant-based ingredients in the world, and turn them into products that are truly Simple, Delicious, and Amazing. You’ll find our food foundations are always based on whole ingredients, and nothing else. You’ll never find textured or isolated proteins, or any ingredients that are harmful. We’ll never create anything that we won’t give to our own children. Our children are our life, and we never put anything in our products that we don’t fully believe in. Even the ingredients we use to add textures and flavors are perfected in our kitchen to be healthful and delicious. Good food starts with good ingredients.