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Reviewers Love WayFare’s Dairy Free Butter Substitute: Here’s Why!

We don’t want to brag (ok, maybe a little), but reviewers are in awe of our dairy free butter substitute! Our Dairy Free Salted & Whipped Butter has not only received consistently high reviews from customers but has been noticed by foodie sites from around the country. From Eat This, Not That! to VegOut Magazine,...

6 Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Party Food Recipes

From 4th of July picnics to family reunions, summer is full of special events that deserve equally special food to match. But have you ever walked into a potluck and you’re the only one toting a platter of vegan-friendly food? You know your dish tastes fabulous, and you're fully prepared to run to the nearest...

Is There Palm Oil in Our Dairy Free Vegan Butter?

When it comes to dairy free, vegan butter, I can count on one hand how many exist. It would seem like there would be a larger product market, seeing how people put butter in and on everything. There just aren’t a lot of options out there. This being said, we are so proud to bring our...