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Updates for WayFare Health Foods

WayFare Sour Cream Dish Certified Free From Top 8 Allergens

Start blowing up the balloons and whipping up your favorite plant-based treats, because we have some news that’s worth celebrating! WayFare is pleased to announce that every one of its range of simple, delicious, and amazing plant-based foods has, following extensive testing, secured “Certified Free From“(CFF) status.

What does this mean, you ask?

It means ​​MenuTrinfo® has officially given WayFare their certified stamp of approval that our products are free from the 8 major food allergens as identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MenuTrinfo® is an organization that informs people in the food industry what they can safely serve to customers, mainly regarding food allergens.

From WayFare’s inception, we’ve been passionate about creating tasty plant-based dairy products that everyone can enjoy! With around 32 million Americans suffering from food allergies, WayFare founder Kelly Coffin’s vision was to create a plant-based dairy range from simple, whole food ingredients that not only tasted amazing but were free from the top 8 food allergens. Now, that dream has been recognized by food officials, as shown by our new certification! WayFare products are officially certified as being free from shellfish, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, wheat, soy, and sesame (sesame is soon to be added as the 9th major allergen by the FDA). WayFare also remains committed to only using non-GMO ingredients and uses no palm oil in any recipe.

Our journey to “Certified Free From”

Our path to this certification started out of concern for family health and wellness. Driven to plant-based eating by serious health issues that plagued his family, Coffin, a trained engineer who grew up on a dairy farm, was disappointed by the selection of dairy free alternatives available in the store. He was soon determined to find a way to use simple whole foods to create plant-based dairy products that everyone could love. Thus, the WayFare products you know and enjoy were born! WayFare’s products have achieved the elusive trifecta: simple whole food ingredients, flavorful tastes, and Certified Allergen Free*.

Before endorsing certification, Menutrinfo® performs a rigorous audit on product ingredients, processes, packaging, and testing for allergen protocol. In addition to extensive reviews of facilities and allergen control policies (including breakrooms), they also vet all suppliers to ensure allergen testing on all lines to confirm a product’s ingredients do not have any cross-contamination.

The Free From Certification stamp will start to appear on all WayFare packs from October 4, 2022, onwards.

More news: Transition to conventional ingredients

One of our goals from the beginning has been to make WayFare products accessible to as many people as possible. Over the last two years, this goal has become a little tricky with the well-documented impacts on global supply chains. From delays to out-of-stock goods to cost impacts, we’ve faced it all. Specifically, WayFare is facing an ongoing supply shortage of organic butter beans, the key ingredient in the whole food base all products are made from.

In the interest of ongoing secure supply, WayFare has decided to shift away from organic certification to conventional ingredients. This transition has allowed us the opportunity to access a wider range of natural ingredients, helping us improve our overall product texture and taste. WayFare will not be producing any products with organic formula claims as of September 13, 2022.

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