Silky-smooth puddings with all the good, but none of the bad.

Butterscotch Pudding


No pudding lineup is complete without butterscotch. Made with organic cane sugar, browned to perfection, add a touch of sea salt, and you have a blissful vegan butterscotch!


Chocolate Pudding

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Chocolate dairy free goodness with the taste of our favorite puddings from days gone by; only without the cholesterol and guilt!


Creamy Carob Pudding


For our friends who don’t prefer chocolate, we’ve combined our silky smooth pudding with Saint John’s superfood – carob. It’s like cookies and cream in a cup!


Vanilla Pudding


We missed the puddings we used to take to school as children, so we decided to see what we could do about it. The result: silky-smooth vanilla!

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