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Cheddar Cheese

$5.99 Best By: 9/15/20
(Based on 7 reviews)

Dairy cheese can be addictive, and addictions can be hard to break. We wanted to make it easy to break the habit, but we knew it would take a miracle to accomplish the task.  We believe in miracles and think you will too when you try our plant based cheddar cheese!

Try it on nachos, in a grilled cheese sandwich, with macaroni, on potatoes, or any other way you can think of. The delicious flavor will satisfy all of your senses.


Nacho Cheddar with Jalapeños

$5.99 Best By: 8/22/20
(Based on 4 reviews)

Our jalapeño cheddar is a melt-in-your-mouth cheddary bliss with plenty of diced jalapeño, minus the cholesterol and fats found in dairy. Dip it, Mex it, or Melt it!