Who We Are

We don’t think that who we are matters as much as what we do, and why we do it. Suffice it to say, we are a family who’s encountered some experiences in our life journey that led to some significant changes in the way we live – including the foods we eat. We changed our diet, and tried lots of ‘alternative’ products, but coming from a dairy farm family in Cabot, VT, we didn’t understand much about what we were trying. We didn’t feel too good about the ingredients, and didn’t feel too good after eating them. We just wanted good, safe, healthy food and we soon realized we weren’t the only ones. As a family we thought it through and decided to do all in our power to help with the needs of the world around us, and we started by creating food for this purpose. Along the way we’ve met a lot of good folks who’ve had similar experiences and have joined us on the road. If you’d like to get to know us, just spend some time with our expanded family – those who carry the WayFare name, and you’ll see who we are.

What We Do

We set out to meet the needs of our family, and ended up searching beyond ourselves – Way beyond. This search led us to realize that there were plenty of other folks wanting help too. We ended up making whole, plant-based foods unlike anything we’d ever seen or tasted. Today, more than ever, we are determined to bless our world by creating incredible products – all from plants. Our journey has been difficult at times, but we feel really good about what we do.

Why We Do It

For us it’s simple. Our life experiences changed and reshaped the way we think as parents, and as a family. The lives of those in the world around mean everything to us now and shape the decisions we make every day. We’ve come to see our time and resources as precious gifts… gifts to be used in uplifting the lives of all people – no exceptions. We’ve set to employ these gifts to the fullest extent possible. The foods we create are not only representative of this commitment, but they also give us the opportunity to work with many who’ve had similar experiences, and share the desire to help others. We hope to grow in our ability to bless our world – it’s why we exist, and why we do what we do.