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Tiffany Peterson
I tried your butterscotch pudding and fell in love! I have been dairy free for 8 years because of allergies and have missed pudding. I can now indulge. I love that it is delicious and very affordable. My husband even loved it and he doesn't like any of my dairy free things generally!
Tiffany Peterson
Rebecca O’Daniel
We just tried your dairy free cheddar on freshly cooked noodles....Oh. My. GOSH!!! It was so good! We also use your whipped "butter" and love it as well. So glad to find a soy free, gmo free, vegan company!! I'm telling everyone I know!
Rebecca O’Daniel
K. Reese
My dad who eats butter everyday, loved your butter!! That's kind of a big deal.
K. Reese
Crystal Whittemore
WayFare Cheddar was a game changer in our house. Hands down the best cheese alternative I have found yet to make homestyle mac and cheese... so good in fact, I'm bringing it Super Bowl Sunday to a potluck.
Crystal Whittemore
Michelle Tribble
Best Dairy-free foods I've ever had & I've tried them all. And wholesome organic ingredients too!
Michelle Tribble
Oh my gosh - LOVE the chocolate pudding. And just tried the cheddar cheese in a tub - used it to make mac and cheese. It was wonderful - and so satisfied my comfort food craving. I love that your products are low fat, soy free AND taste so good.
Donna Cianca
I have to say, your stuff is the best, the best pudding, butter and cheese sauce on the planet!!! Many kudos and thanks for your innovation and creativity!
Evelyn Bergdoll
I tried your dairy free Sour Cream for the first time this week. My whole family was blown away by how delicious it tasted. I love how creamy it is and how it mimics the taste and consistency of really sour cream so much. I was also so pleased to find out that it’s soy free. so I decided to pick up some more, and try the cream cheese as well. Thank you for making such a delicious and nutritious product for those of us that either cannot or choose not to use dairy products. I’m so impressed!
Ann Roach
I can’t get over how much I love your products! My boyfriend and I are athletes (him a bodybuilder and me a powerlifter) and we just love how diet friendly everything is! We can easily eat your stuff every day and feel like we are having treat but for half the calories! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such amazing products! You have two lifetime customers over here 🙂
Antoinette Bashir
I've been waiting for well over a year for shipping to KY and it was worth it. We received out first order last night. Hands down the best vegan cheese and sour cream I've ever had. WORLDS above anything else out there. I can't express how impressed my entire family was.
Rachel Enriquez
I recently found your sour cream at Wegmans. It's great! We eat vegan (for kindness to animals and the planet), so we don't usually splurge for sour cream. But I've now bought your product twice....I decided to try your cream cheese. It's also amazing. ...When I went to check the ingredients, I was simply stunned and impressed...I think I might have to go to Wegmans more often, or better yet, get our health food store to start carrying your stuff. Thanks for creating products that taste amazing that we feel good about eating. I am grateful.
Theresa Shay
I was floored by the quality of the packaging for my recent order. A whole box of precious goods. Can't wait to enjoy these amazing products! Over and quality and packaging!
Doreen Graham
I just learned that your company is in Montana! I live in Helena and have been a non dairy and holistic person - practitioner, healer, etc for decades. It's been difficult until I found your products - to have healthy products for my conscious diet and to mention as options in the workshops I conduct. And the products are delicious. The first product I discovered was your sour cream . . it is SO delicious!. So is the butter and the nacho cheese. Primarily, I want to congratulate you and let you know that I appreciate you . . . and you are right here in Montana... the middle of BEEF and DAIRY country! Thanks!
Clarette Martin
Collin Woroniak
"This is the best vegan nacho cheese I've ever had. I didn't want to post about it because I want to hoard it all for myself. Soy free, gluten free, melts, spreads, and has that perfect jalapeno nacho cheese flavor." -Vegan Wizard
Collin Woroniak
The BEST vegan butter ever!
Veda S.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for making the WayFare Cheddar and Nacho cheese dips. They are absolutely amazing and my family and I can’t stop buying it. My brother has a nut allergy and he can’t eat most vegan cheeses (let alone cheese dips) and he LOVES the dips you guys make. We have been big fans of your dips since you had the old logo with the big containers of the cheese dip (we would LOVE if you could bring back the big containers). My family and I are all vegan and we eat your cheese dips with almost everything because it’s that good. Again, all I wanted to say was thank you for making a vegan cheese dip that my whole family loves.
Isabella C.
I have been allergic to dairy for a couple of decades. One of the things I miss most is nacho cheese. This was the first dairy free nacho cheese I have ever tried that wasn't tossed in the bin, in fact, my dairy loving wife likes it too, mind blown! You have a customer for life, keep doing what you do and thank you!
Joshua A.



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