Our Customers

There are lots of things we could do in life besides creating food, but we’ve chosen this course for one primary reason – our customers. Wayfare has a positive duty to God to follow a course that blesses others, and we seek to employ our talents to this end. This leads us to work as we do – to continually strive to make Simple, Delicious, Amazing foods that will bring health and delight. In spite of all the experiences that have brought us here, we wouldn’t trade it for the world, because the people we work for every day, our customers, bring joy to our lives.

Our World

A few years ago we gained an appreciation for a lot of things, things we hadn’t really seen and appreciated before. One of them is our world, and it has come to mean a lot to us. It’s the only one we’ve got, and we believe we have the strongest obligation to God, and our fellow beings, to take care of it. To this end we try really hard to do what’s right, sometimes to our own hurt. From our process to our products, we create sustainability. We always seek to employ every right principle to be good stewards of what we have been given.

Our Employees

We get to do amazing things and meet amazing people from every walk of life. Absolutely none of this is possible without our amazing helpers. We are blessed with some of the most incredible folks in the world and we’re grateful that we get to work with them. They are our expanded family and we try to be true to them – through thick and thin. If you ever want to meet us, just spend some time with them.